Laser Engraving and Cutting Service

About our Laser Cutting and Engraving Service

We are now able to offer our customers a laser engraving and cutting service. Now this is a relatively new toy for us but we are already getting some excellent results. We are producing plastic composite panels for our sister company for their retro-style analogue modular synth. Also, we are making an enclosure from layers of Acrylic for an engine sound unit soon to be sold through our parent company Technobots.

What can we cut and engrave?

There are a number of practical limitations of our 60W CO2 laser machine that will restrict what we can and can't do:

Size: We can cut up to 900x600mm which is the maximum bed size.

Materials: We cannot cut any metals but woods and plastics are possible but results vary. Best plastic for cutting is cast Acrylic as well as our two colour laminate sheets which are ideal for front panels. Certain plastics are not permitted due to the fumes released or in some cases the corrosive gases released. As for woods, we have no problem with ply or MDF.

Thickness: Cutting plastics and woods is generally limited to 10mm but at these thicknesses, the cut may not be totally square as the laser beam does diverge as it passes through thicker materials. Cutting 3, 4 or even 5mm does give particularly good results.

Engraving: We cannot engrave metal but we can engrave onto anodised aluminium, glass, plastics and wood. The contrast of the engraving does depend on the material chosen, we have spent some considerable time is locating a black anodised aluminium sheet that gives an off white engraving which contrasts well to the black anodising.

Software: We will need your artwork in .dxf (CAD standard) format or Adobe Illustrator. Engraving artwork needs to be in outline, basically the engraving will fill within the outlines. Ensure your engraving and cutting are on different layers within your drawing. We have to take your artwork and format it for the laser, so there is a once off, set-up cost for each file.


We will expand on what we can and can't do over time but for now, feel free to request a quotation and we will do our very best to meet your needs.